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Toshiba Washing Machine 8Kg Wash 5Kg Dry Front Full

Original price was: ₵7,000.00.Current price is: ₵6,499.00.

Toshiba Washing Machine 8Kg Wash 5Kg Dry Front Full

Original price was: ₵7,000.00.Current price is: ₵6,499.00.
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Toshiba Washing Machine 8Kg Wash 8Kg Dry Front Load Full Automatic

Original price was: ₵10,699.00.Current price is: ₵10,499.00.

  • Same Loads
  • Color Alive
  • Anti-Bacteria Gasket
  • Real Inverter
  • Drum Sterilization
  • LED Drum Light
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Time-efficient and user-friendly, Toshiba’s Same Loads innovation enables the machine to support the same capacity for all phases of the cycle, allowing you to finish your full load of laundry in one go without the need to reload.


For a cleaner, safer and more hygienic washing experience, the Anti-Bacteria Gasket technology in Toshiba washers is designed to efficiently inhibit bacteria growth, ensuring that every load of laundry is as clean as it can be.


Toshiba’s laundry products are the result of more than 95 years of expertise and understanding of fabric fibers and their nature. Toshiba’s Color Alive technology protects fabrics and preserves their colors, reducing discoloration by 39% and deformation by 45%, as well as saving up power by 70%. Additionally, the user-centered innovation enables the same results with cold wash.


The innovative Sense Dose feature is capable of automatically and precisely dosing the detergent by detecting the laundry weight and intuitively determining the wash cycle needed for optimal performance. The technology helps avoid detergent waste and excess residue on fabrics and provides perfect washing conditions.


Toshiba’s Real Inverter motor is designed to create a higher efficiency, reduce noise levels and reduce energy consumption. The extraordinary motor efficiency surge can provide up to 80% less energy consumption and 11.4% lower noise levels.


High temperature and flush flow can effectively clean the inner and outer drum, keeping it away from the secondary pollution.


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